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DEPOSITS: We collect a non-refundable deposit for each item when submitted (except for established commercial clients) which is applied to the repair or serves as a denied estimate charge.

LABOR RATES: Our labor rates are $95-170+/hr for in-shop repair services depending on the type of equipment being serviced. Some repairs are performed at a flat rate. These rates are subject to change, and may not be immediately reflected on this site. Please call for current information.


We provide warranty service for many major manufacturers, including FENDER, KORG, ROLAND, YAMAHA, PEAVEY, MARSHALL, QSC and many others. Please be aware that warranty repair has many restrictions set by the manufacturers that we must abide by. Here are a few: 

  • Items submitted for warranty repair MUST be accompanied by valid documentation (HARD COPY OF THE ORIGINAL SALES SLIP) or manufacturer's RA number.

  • If equipment is submitted without original packaging, surcharges may apply. 

  • Keep in mind that the manufacturer has the final say on whether your product can be covered by warranty.

  • If your unit shows signs of abuse or cannot reproduce the problem, you may be liable for charges.

  • Shipping costs are generally not covered.

  • Changes in manufacturer warranty policies may result in our inability to accept some repairs.

  • Items purchased from a source that is NOT AN AUTHORIZED DEALER (such as some online purchases) are generally NOT COVERED by the manufacturer for warranty service. Call the manufacturer's customer service if you need more information.


TURNAROUND: Most repairs are completed within two-three weeks. Rush services are available but do incur an additional cost, and may not be available for all items. Rush repairs are subject to delay from parts sourcing as well. Warranty repairs may take longer than average due to the repair requirements of the manufacturer.

PARTS ORDERS CAN DELAY REPAIRS FOR WEEKS, SOMETIMES MONTHS when parts are on backorder or coming from overseas. This is, unfortunately, out of our control.


Periodic maintenance and targeted system upgrades can prolong equipment life and improve operation, reducing costs and avoiding downtime.

We accept in-house repairs without deposit for established commercial clients, and offer on site service for nightclubs, recording facilities, schools and houses of worship. Service charges are based on a three hour minimum labor charge plus transportation. We limit this service to San Francisco at this time. 

Installation work is available on a limited basis. Please call for information.


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