At Pro AV Resource we don't agree with the modern concept of planned obsolescence. Keep your vintage amp working like new. Cut your expenses by maintaining or upgrading your existing house system. Most equipment can be serviced at a huge savings over replacement. Here's how:



Drop your gear off without appointment during our regular hours or let UPS/FEDEX/USPS take care of getting it to us. We collect a small deposit for each item when submitted (except for warranty repairs and established commercial clients) which is applied to the repair or serves as a denied estimate charge.

We also offer onsite service calls for commercial clients such as bars, restaurants, houses of worship, nightclubs, recording studios, etc. 

(Q: Why is a deposit needed? A: Without a deposit, we tend to become a dumping ground for outdated equipment that people are tired of. The deposit lets you make sure you like/need that item enough to be serious about fixing it. Additionally, most repairs require bench time-  at least a partial disassembly of the unit to determine the problem and prepare an estimate.)



We provide warranty service for many major manufacturers, including Mackie, Crest, Korg, Marshall and others. Just ask if you are unsure whether the manufacturer of your equipment is on the list. Please be aware that warranty repair has many restrictions set up by the manufacturers. Here are a few: 

  • Items submitted for warranty repair MUST be accompanied by valid documentation or manufacturers RA number.

  • If equipment is submitted without original packaging, surcharges may apply. 

  • Keep in mind that the manufacturer has the final say on whether your product can be covered by warranty.

  • If your unit shows signs of abuse or cannot reproduce the problem, you may be liable for charges.

  • Shipping costs are generally not covered 

  • Changes in manufacturer warranty policies may result in our refusal to accept some repairs

  • Items purchased from a source that is NOT AN AUTHORIZED DEALER (such as some online purchases) are generally NOT COVERED by the manufacturer for warranty service. 


LABOR RATES: $85 deposit (higher for keyboards and some digital equipment) is collected when unit is submitted for repair (except warranty). This deposit is applied towards the repair or serves as a denied estimate charge. Our labor rates are $85/hr most equipment, $150-170+/hr keyboards and some digital equipment. Some repairs are performed at a flat rate. These rates are subject to change, and may not be immediately reflected on this site. Please call for current information.


TURNAROUND: Most repairs are completed within two weeks. Rush services are available but do incur additional cost. Warranty repairs may take longer due to the repair requirements of the manufacturer.

(Q: What the *#%#* is taking so long with my repair?!?!? A: Yeah. We get it. Most of us are or have been working musicians or other pro AV users. Waiting weeks -or even months - for a repair to be completed is frustrating and painful. Here's the ugly truth.

Pro AV equipment isn't like your car, your blender or your laptop. There are few standards for manufacture, so part sourcing is brutal. Many manufacturers do not keep parts in stock for their products. Those that do may backorder parts for weeks or months until their next overseas shipment or manufacturing run. With over 60 years of product coming across our bench, there's no way to keep most parts on hand.

Parts aside, products are designed by teams of engineers who are generally unwilling to share schematics and other product secrets. Why should they? It's how they keep their product safe from competitors. Proprietary parts may be without any identifying markings. We're good, but we can't  outthink entire R&D departments. Frustration is daily for us. We do try hard to help you avoid it. )



Most repairs will incur a minimum one hour charge. If we can repair your unit within an hour using a reasonable amount of parts, we will generally do so while the unit is on the bench without calling you first for an estimate approval, as this keeps turnaround time down and prevents scheduling delays.

We stand behind our repairs. Workmanship is covered by warranty for 30 days. (so plug that thing in when you get it home!!!) Parts warranties vary by manufacturer. If you have any trouble with a unit we have repaired, even after the warranty period, please contact us. We will do whatever we can to help ensure your satisfaction with our services. 

Don't wait until it breaks. If you've dragged your equipment to Burning Man, you might want to bring it into us for cleaning and a checkup. The cost of that is generally lower than when the magic smoke comes out a month later due to the three inches of dust lurking inside your power amp. Ditto our commercial clients- club atmosphere is deadly to electronics. Regular service saves you money by keeping your system reliably working without downtime.


Call us anytime with questions or concerns! 415-401 7828. Emails: 


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